We Plant the Seeds. You Reap the Rewards.Discover Real-Time Bidding.

RTB 101 What is Real Time Bidding?
The Real-Time Bidding Exchange (RTBX) works all day every day to survey the landscape of remnant ad space available on major websites. As ad space becomes available, the RTBX auctions ad slots. Within milliseconds, Grapeseed decides if that slot is appropriate for your brand.
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Target. Optimize. Repeat. The Grapeseed approach.
Grapeseed deploys a custom tailored media plan that precisely targets your audience at the lowest possible cost. Next, the campaign is optimized from moment-to-moment. Ads are served to increasingly receptive target segments. Then, we repeat the entire process, continually working toward better results for you.
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Let's Work Together Let's talk about how Grapeseed can help find the right audience and target them efficiently.
Tell us a little more about your organization, your goals and your budget and someone from our NY team would be happy to design a custom plan just for you.
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