Grapeseed deploys a custom tailored media plan and precisely targets your audience at the lowest possible cost, and with an ever-growing return. Each campaign is assigned a Strategist and a Trader who works with you to define objectives, create goals, and launch a program to drive and measure outcomes.

Once an initial plan is in place the campaign is both automatically and manually optimized moment-to-moment and day-to-day. Ads are served to increasingly receptive target segments. Then we repeat the entire process, continually working toward better results for you.

How does Grapeseed
do this?

Before launching a campaign, Grapeseed collects information about the particular attributes of your target audience and then constructs an activation plan to identify and target these users as they visit web pages and applications on their desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Grapeseed uses small text files, called cookies, to help pre-qualify users as members of your target audience. Grapeseed also uses Geography, IP Address, time-of-day, day-of-week, domain and other user and media variables to select the right audience pool for you. As part of the pre-launch agenda, Grapeseed can place a pixel on your website and other online communications. Once we’ve profiled the anonymous data of your current audience we match this data with verified offline-and-online sources to ensure we are serving ads to the audience most suited for your organization’s message and most likely to take the desired action.



Customers who have visited your web page or opened your e-mailers are the best leads. Grapeseed tags these users via cookies and targets them with ads in order to bring them back to your brand and prompt a purchase or other desired engagement.

Direct Mail Plus

Direct Mail is one of the most effective tools marketers have. With Direct Mail Plus you can make your campaigns even more effective by targeting everyone on your mailing list online before, during and after your direct mail campaign. Provide Grapeseed with a list of at least 10,000 names, addresses, e-mails or phone numbers and we’ll find them online for you within 48 hours. Then, we will serve your message directly to them, reinforcing the message they get in their mailbox.

Demographic and

Grapeseed implements a small web code on your website in order to gather information about the audience who visits. Audience profiling allows Grapeseed to define the endemic audience’s age, gender, geography, hobbies, income. Then, combined with any preexisting data you may have on your audience traits, we expand your message to a greater population who match these attributes.

Keyword and Topical
Contextual Targeting

Grapeseed uses a scanning technology to hunt keywords located in articles and other web content. If a user is reading an article loaded with buzz words like “holiday”, “family” and “entertainment,” then Grapeseed will show an ad for your production of The Nutcracker. The same decision-making is applied to web pages for thematic/topical value. A blog focused on dance would be suitable for that same Nutcracker ad.

Location-based Targeting

Many marketers know exactly where their best customers live. Grapeseed targets people in the zip/postal codes you want to reach. No longer do your ads have to be served to the greater metropolitan area; Grapeseed cuts waste by laser targeting exact locations.

Audience Modeling

Grapeseed works with various online and offline partners to closely analyze everyone in your cookie pool that bought a ticket, watched a video, or engaged in any of the actions you have defined as a success metric. Then, comparing this information to a trove of third-party data, we find more people in the general population who look just like them. It is one of the best ways to find sustained success in long-running or ongoing campaigns.